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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Each member of 4M Growth Solutions individually subscribes to and supports the code of conduct and ethics associated with our professiona designations and professional associations. As a private organization however, we hold ourselves accountable to a number of fundamental principles.


We maintain competence in carrying out professional responsibilities and provide services in an honest and diligent manner


We will hold in strict confidence all confidential information acquired in the course of the performance of our work and not divulge confidential information unless required by law and/or where serious harm is imminent. We will treat the handling of confidential, personal, or privileged information with the utmost importance as it is core to the credibility of our organization

Our responsibilities to the Clients

  • 4M Growth Solutions will only accept assignments where the clients' requirements are clearly understood and well defined. And take only take on assignments which we are confident and can deliver to an excellent standard
  • Our Recruitment Consultants will put forward only suitable candidates who have been interviewed and assessed carefully, and who are judged to meet the requirements of the position and the candidate profile.
  • We advise our clients of any potential conflicts before undertaking an assignment in any of our services.
  • Our Recruitment Consultants will never approach to candidates we have already placed, or employees of an organisation with which we have a business relationship.
  • We will ensure complete confidentiality of our clients' information, plans and intellectual assets.

Our responsibilities to the Candidates

  • Our Consultants will ensure prompt, regular and complete communication with our candidates throughout the assignment and advise them in a timely and constructive fashion when they are no longer in the running for the appointment.
  • At 4M Growth Solutions, we never ask for money or any advantage from our candidates in any of our Client’s related services.
  • We act objectively and we will ensure that any management assessments and psychological tests which may be conducted are interpreted by qualified professionals and that relevant feedback is given to candidates.
  • We will commit ourselves not to communicate to the client any confidential information about the candidate without his/her agreement.
  • We will not verify references without informing the candidate.

Conflict of Interest

We will either avoid or disclose a potential conflict of interest that might influence, or might be perceived to influence, personal actions or judgments.

Legal Requirements

We will not knowingly or otherwise engage in or condone any activity or attempt to circumvent the clear intention of the law by which we and our clients are governed.

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